The carving out of residual Andhra Pradesh into a new State in the year 2014, has created enormous challenges to its' new Government, such as the need to create massive infrastructure, viable economy and opportunities for employment in the region which is mostly agrarian with little industry and had traditionally depended on its agriculture and education for livelihood.

The Amaravati's grand vision and various initiatives to achieve the objectives for taking the state on a fast track of progress have started yielding results in a short span, with the construction of Arterial roads and power lines planned for the capital getting ready. APNRTS Icon is the first direct investment project of APNRT Society.

APNRTS Icon is envisioned as an iconic structure in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh and being designed to be the home to multiple blue chip companies. It is is expected to bring between 2000 - 3000 high wage employees to our capital Amaravati. These jobs will bring the much needed spending capacity, flair and international dynamics to our peoples capital and is an attractive investment opportunity for buyers from all over the world.

The investor would get an opportunity to park their funds into a real property in a sunrise city, with minimal risk for their investment. Apart from being an iconic structure being invested into, the property is guaranteed to appreciate due to the involvement of Gov't of Andhra Pradesh and AP NRT Society, who are the promoters of the project.

Gov't of AP in the form of APNRT Society is the promoter and developer of this venture. APNRTS's objective is to handhold and assist the investors for their ease.




Interaction Rooms

Highlights of APNRTS Icon Building

Walk to work

Highly secured zone

Suspended 30mts Iconic Globe

Connecting floors office spaces

All sides view

Centralized air cooling system

First ECBC 5 star rated project in Amaravati

Spatial Features

Restaurant in the globe in the Nucleus of the Building

Infinity swimming Pool & Exclusive NRT Club

Private Conference Rooms

State of the art Gymnasium / Yoga / Spa

Coworking spaces and conference rooms

Building management system

Sustainability Features

Solar reflective material - nonroof and terrace garden for reducing Heat island effect

Rainwater harvesting

Net Zero Water & Effluent Discharge to the Environment

Solar energy for common area lighting

Organic waste management system

Studio Apartments

15% more than ASHRAE baseline in energy performance


Investments in ICON are divided into condo units of 4500 SFT each, with allotment to be made on a first come first serve basis to the Buyers, who will ultimately own the physical assets of APNRTS Icon bulding.

Maintenance and upkeep of Icon spaces will be provided by world class service firms so that the structural integrity, hygiene and ambience of the building is kept in perfect condition.

This provides a worry free assurance for the buyers that the value of their investment will not deteriorate over time and the quality of living spaces are kept at their best.

In addition to providing NRTs an excellent investment destination, APNRTS Icon provides a great meeting place for entrepreneurs and clients to interact and exchange ideas are conduct business under 900,000 Sft of office space built in the heart of Capital city and the center of political and administrative power of the state.

Investment in APNRTS Icon is expected to retain its value over time and may appreciate over time as the demand for space exceeds the availability. The cost of space in APNRTS Icon for the buyer is estimated to be on par with such space in a class-II city and hence is an attractive buy.

Once the option to buy the space in APNRTS Icon is made by the buyer, the payments can be staggered over several quarters, making it the best way to capitalize the funds deployed.

When to Apply :
An investment kit would be made available to the prospective buyers as soon as the required clearances are obtained for the construction.

Where to Apply ?
The Application form and FAQs will be published online at http://icon.apnrts.ap.gov.in when the investment brief is ready and an offer is made with all the details of cost and installments payable.



APNRTS is planning to create living and work spaces in an iconic structure that will endure test of time and would motivate a generation of people who visit the capital city of Amaravati. This building will be well connected to highways and seed access roads of the capital and the government complex. Its strategic location provides an attractive investment opportunity for NRTs who would be the primary occupants of the building. APNRTS Icon provides the state of the art amenities for both commercial and residential occupants of the building, while also providing the most recognizable address in the peoples capital.



APNRTS came into existence with the sole aim of bringing Global Telugu diaspora together on to a common platform of shared values. APNRTS is a quasi government institution constituted by Government of Andhra Pradesh with Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh as its Chairman and a governing body of cabinet level secretaries and NRI as its President appointed by the Chief Minister as Advisor NRT Affairs and Investments. APNRTS Icon is envisioned as a way to attract investments from global NRT community to and make them part of the growth story of Andhra Pradesh.


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